It all starts at the community level – biathlon clubs are the foundation of Biathlon Canada!  Clubs attract participants and then deliver programs for their participants (which include athletes of all ages, coaches and officials).  Biathlon clubs also offer access to trails and shooting ranges and run all types of events year-round.

When clubs prosper, the sport flourishes and grows because new participants are becoming involved in biathlon.   Operational costs at the club level can be expensive and although clubs are mostly run by volunteers, they still do require revenue from registered participant fees in order to offer the programs and services that participants are asking for.

Clubs are participant groups of their provincial/territorial Division and of Biathlon Canada so that they can access properly designed, structured and standardized programs that they deliver on the ground!   This ensures that participants at all levels in all areas of the country receive the same high level of training/instruction and the same experience at events and competitions.