Biathlon Canada Years of Service Pins

The Biathlon Canada Years of Service Pins have been introduced to recognize the long term service of National Team athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers within the sport.  Pins are awarded for service in 5 year increments starting at 5 years up to 30+ years.  At the recent Biathlon Canada AGM, presentations were made to people in attendance based on their years of service.  Further presentations will be made in each Division based on the master list of eligible people.  Further updating of this list will be posted as the national office is notified.  We encourage Divisions to collect this information and for the Clubs to submit lists to their divisions for approval, and  to provide the details to Biathlon Canada as soon as possible, but no later than 1 September 2014 in order to duly recognize those who have worked to make a difference in our sport.

The Recipients are :

5 years:

  • Brian Walters
  • Ken Ransom
  • Tim Hurley
  • Vanessa Bonk
  • Karen Purcell
  • Chantale Lortie

10 years:

  • Murray Wylie
  • Chris Lindsay
  • Brendon Bulger
  • Sherry Thompson
  • Ken Davies

15 years:

  • Gary Dawson

20 years:

  • Joanne Thomson

25 years:

  • Paul Collard
  • Lisa Belliveau

30+ years:

  • Ray Kokkonen
  • Jean-Guy Levesque
  • Dan O’Connor
  • Stephen Hale
  • Bernard V