Athlete and Coach of the Year Awards

Athlete of the Year Criteria for Nomination

  • Demonstrating, by example a positive image as an athlete and being a good ambassador for the sport of Biathlon.
  • Demonstrating personal achievement and excellence.
  • Other contributions to the sport.

Coach of the Year Nomination (Female Coach of the Year and the Richard Boruta Male Coach of the Year)

  • Presenting, through example, a positive image of coaching.
  • Demonstrating concern for all-around development of the athlete and instilling guidelines reflecting responsible conduct beyond the field of play.
  • Demonstrating respect for officials, opponents and parents, and espousing a philosophy of fair play.
  • Demonstrating the ability to improve the athletic performance of a team or individual.
  • Applying relevant training theory and coaching techniques.
FemaleMaleFemale – Coach of the YearMale – Richard Boruta Coach of the Year
2019-20Emma Lunder, BCScott Gow, BCJessica Blenkarn, BCPetr Algra, BC
2018-19Nadia Moser, YKChristian Gow, ABRachel KorscilJean-Phillip LeGuellec
2017-18Rosanna Crawford, ABMark Arendz, PEIKathy Davies, ABAirat Aitnakov, AB
2016-17Megan Bankes, ABLeo Grandbois, QCSandrine Charron, QCRichard Boruta, AB
2015-16Rosanna Crawford, ABNathan Smith ABSandrine Charron, QCTyson Smith, AB
2014-15Rosanna Crawford, ABNathan Smith ABLaurie Jacobson, YKDoug Sylvester, SK
2013-14Audrey Vaillancourt, QCJean-Philippe Le Guellec, QCKathy Davies ABMike Lushington, NB
2012-13Rosanna Crawford, ABScott Perras, SKJudy Hale, PEAlan Ball, AB
2011-2012Melanie Schultz, ABBrendan Green, NWTVanessa Bonk, SKRichard Boruta, AB
2010-2011Audrey Vaillancourt, QCScott Gow, ABMichelle Armitage, ONJohn Jaques, AB
2009-2010Rose-Marie Côté, QCJean-Philippe Le Guellec, QCJudy Hale, PEPierre Pepin, QC
2008-2009Yolaine Oddou, QCKurtis Wenzel, ABSandrine Charron, QCDavid Bradley, AB
2007-2008Rosanna Crawford, ABMarc-André Bédard, QCJudy Hartling, YTJohn Jaques, AB
2006-2007Megan Tandy, BCJaime Robb, ABFiona Coy, BCDoug Sylvester, SK
2005-2006Zina Kocher, ABDavid Leoni, ABSandrine Charron, QCDan Mallett, ON
2004-2005Audrey Attali, QCPatrick Côté, QCJacqueline Akerman, ABMatthias Ahrens, AB
2003-2004Zina Kocher, ABJean-Philippe LeGuellec, QCNonePetr Zidek, AB
2002-2003Sandra Keith, ABRobin Clegg, ABAmy Ford, ABDaniel Lefebvre, QC
2001-2002Zina Kocher, ABRobin Clegg, ABSandrine Charron, QCGeret Coyne, AB
2000-2001Maryke Ciaramidaro, ABRobin Clegg, ABSandrine Charron, QCIaroslav Khomiak, MN
1999-00Maryke Ciaramidaro ABNelson Ayotte, QCJustine Mumford, ONRichard Boruta, AB
1998-99Michelle Collard, BCIvan Phillion, ONYvonne Visser, ABCraig Ferguson, AB
1997-98Martine Albert, QCGlenn Rupertus, ABSheryl Hayes, ABNelson Ayotte, QC
1996-97Martine Albert, QCEric Jensen, SKSonya Strausz, MBRoger Archambault, QC
1994-95Kristin Saugen, ABTom Zidek, ABRobyn Williams, ABGreg Campbell, SK
1993-94Myriam Bédard, QCTony Fiala, BCJan Robinson, ABGeret Coyne, AB
1992-93Myriam Bédard, QCGlenn Rupertus, ABSheryl Hayes, ABRoger Archambault, QC