Become a registered participant of Biathlon Canada by joining a Club or a Division (province/territory).  Registered participant fees vary depending on your category of participation (athlete, coach, official or supporter).  Overall, your  fees help to:

  • defray operational and participant insurance costs
  • contribute to funding National Team training programs
  • develop coaching and officiating certification
  • grow the sport (Did you know that  the # of registered participants is a big factor in the amount of federal funding that Biathlon Canada receives from Sport Canada?  If you are not a registered participant, you are not considered an active participant and therefore less money is directed to the sport of biathlon)
  • coordinate the domestic competition calendar including the Canadian Championships, North American Cups and other international events and sanctions them to the IBU

Plus, as a registered participant you will receive:

  • liability insurance coverage
  • Biathlon Canada’s monthly e-newsletter and media communications
  • access to coaching certification programs and officiating workshops and training
  • access to tools, resources and programs for athlete development
  • access to biathlon events
  • promotional items
  • access to purchase merchandise

For any questions related to registration, please contact