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COVID-19 Resources

This page will serve as a temporary resource for COVID-19 related news, updates and relevant information in order to support Biathlon Canada Divisions, clubs and members navigate these difficult times. We will continue to update this page with resources as they become available and we remind you to follow the restrictions and recommendations of your local public health authority.  

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mandatory covid vaccination policy

In order to protect the health and safety of our members and the communities in which we participate in biathlon, the Biathlon Canada Board of Directors has approved a COVID-19 Vaccination policy. This policy will apply to Biathlon Canada sanctioned events and activities.

This policy will come into effect immediately (December 9, 2021) and pertains to all athletes, support staff, officials, coaches, parents, guardians, volunteers, and spectators that attend the event. To read the official announcement, please click here. To view the policy, please see below.

Insurance Information – Online Activities

Many Biathlon Canada members are looking for ways to train and stay connected to their biathlon community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information here outlines online activities that are approved by our insurer at this time. Please read through them carefully and ensure you are in compliance.

Note: our insurance policy does include a Contagion Exclusion. This applies to claims and/or losses related to COVID-19. For example, if someone decided to ignore COVID-19 health orders to stay inside or not practice physical distancing and something happened where they were infected and/or got someone else infected, then a lawsuit against this individual would not be covered through our policy. Please find our updated policy online here if you are looking for more information.

If anything changes, we will update Division Presidents and all registered clubs (on Zone 4) via email and will post on our website.

Please CLICK HERE to see the full list of approved online activities and requirements to be covered under our insurance policy. 

Guidelines for Return to Sport

This Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols will help Divisions and clubs modify operations to align with public health measures in place across Canada. You may use this framework to develop a return to play protocol that meets your organization’s needs and satisfies the directives that apply where you operate. We all must follow directives published by the Government of Canada, public health and other authorities that apply in our respective jurisdictions

Check with your Division before drafting a return to play protocol as your Division may have received specific directives from the government regarding return to play. 

guidelines for return to competition


External Resources for Divisions, Clubs and Athletes

Government of Canada COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Government of Canada COVID-19 General Information

Provincial and Territorial COVID-19 Websites

Game Plan – Canada’s National Athlete Total Wellness Program

Ways to make women and girls part of your return to sport and play plans

Sport Medicine Advisory Council Updates

Anti-Doping Information for Athletes

WADA COVID-19 Athlete Q&A

CCES Testing Program on Hold

Updated CCES Statement Regarding COVID-19

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