Olympic TEAM 2022

Biathlon will take place from February 5 to February 19 (Days 1 to 15) at the Zhangjiakou Biathlon Centre.

Meet the team

Jules Burnotte (Sherbrooke, Que.)
Christian Gow (Calgary, Alta.)
Scott Gow (Calgary, Alta.)
Adam Runnalls  (Calgary, Alta.)

Megan Bankes (Calgary, Alta.)
Sarah Beaudry (Prince George, B.C.)
Emily Dickson (Burns Lake, B.C.)
Emma Lunder (Vernon, B.C.)

Trevor Kiers (Sprucedale, O.N)
Benita Peiffer (Vancouver, B.C.)

Support STaff

Justin Wadsworth, Head Coach
Pavel Lantsov, Assistant Coach

Raphael Grosset, Head Wax Tech
Félix Bérubé-Larochelle, Wax Tech
Andrew Chisholm, Wax Tech
Paul Moore, Wax Tech
Charles Pépin, Wax Tech

Justin Warsylewicz, Massage Therapist

Integrated Support Team – HOME TEAM
Jessica Kryski – IST Lead and Physiologist
Dr. John Coleman – Mental Performance Consultant
Kelly Drager – Performance Dietician
Dr. Andy Reed – Team Physician
Jodi Perras – Para Medical Lead and Massage Therapist
Andrew Smit – Strength and Conditioning Coach