Women’s Initiatives

Biathlon Canada supports the engagement of more girls and women in biathlon at all levels – as coaches, athletes, officials, sports administrators and volunteers!  Check out the resources and programs below that are specifically targeted to encouraging the participation of girls and women in sport!

2021 Women in Biathlon Feature Series

2021 Women in Coaching Mentorship Program

The Biathlon Canada Women in Coaching Mentorship Program provides mentee coaches with the opportunity to learn directly from more experienced mentor coaches in a structured mentorship environment. With a goal of fostering relationships between and amongst biathlon coaches in Canada that are lasting and supportive, this mentorship program also aims to enhance the retention of coaches who identify as women at all levels and produce more women who are coaching at the highest levels. Click here for more information:

2021 Women in Coaching Mentorship Program – Information Package

Coaches Selected to the 2021 Women in Coaching Mentorship Program

History – Women in Biathlon

For a detailed history of women in biathlon, click here

Programs and Strategies


CAAWS believes in an equitable sport and physical activity system in which girls and women are actively engaged as participants and leaders.  Check out CAAWS’ programs, tools and services such as the WISE (Women in Sport Encouragement) Fund, leadership workshops  and more!


Fast and Female supports, motivates, inspires, and empowers girls ages 9 to 19 to stick to sports and a healthy lifestyle by exposing them to innovative programming led by world-class female athletes who act as ambassadors and positive role models.  Check out upcoming Fast and Female events and activities!


CAC’s Women in Coaching program is a national campaign aimed to increase the number of coaching opportunities for women, at all levels of sport. Click here for information on grants and scholarships, workshops and more!