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Biathlon Canada Officiating Pathways

The Biathlon Canada officiating program consists of two levels, the Qualification level and the Specialization Certification level. Entry, Advanced and Leader Officials are part of the Qualification Level with Instructor and Technical Delegate Officials comprising the Specialization Certification Level. 

If an individual wishes to officiate at international events, the International Biathlon Union Qualification stream would be the next course of action, where officials can become certified as IBU International Referees and IBU Technical Delegates. A notice will be circulated to all officials who meet the minimum certification requirements when an IBU Officials application opens. 

Biathlon Canada’s Officials Program Structure outlines these levels as well as the prerequisites, training and assessment involved in each. The intended role for candidates in each level is also highlighted here.

Biathlon Canada Officiating Courses

Are you interested in attending an officiating course? 

  1. Register as an individual participant of Biathlon Canada on Zone 4.
  2. Determine which level of officiating you are currently eligible to certify as within the Officials Pathway.
  3. Get trained as an official. Find a Biathlon Canada officiating course near you and sign up for it.
  4. Contact your provincial or territorial biathlon division or Biathlon Canada for more information.

Are you interested in hosting an officiating course?

If you are a club or Division and are planning to run an Entry or Advanced level officiating course you must first notify Biathlon Canada by email, at least 2 weeks in advance. Biathlon Canada will:

  1. Ensure the course is added to the Biathlon Canada Calendar where it can be viewed by anyone.
  2. Communicate any needed course updates and direction to the club or Division.
  3. Ensure the course instructor is qualified to teach and the participants meet the prerequisites to attend the course.
  4. Share access to all course material with the course instructor.
  5. Encourage clubs and Divisions to advertise the course on their own media sites when possible.
  6. Provide needed follow-up after the course.

If your Division is interested in hosting a Leader, Instructor or Technical Delegate course, consult the Biathlon Canada Officials Course Schedule 2021-2024 for the next opportunity in your region, and contact Biathlon Canada directly to find out more.

Are you an instructor preparing to run a course?

Reach out to Biathlon Canada once your course has been approved (at least two weeks in advance). Biathlon Canada will provide you with the most up-to-date course material and you will be connected with a senior official to review the material and delivery.