How do I start my training as a biathlon official?

To start your training as a biathlon official, make sure you are a registered participant of Biathlon Canada in Zone4 for this year and then determine which level of officiating you are currently working towards. You can now start registering for officiating courses. All biathlon officiating courses are listed on the Biathlon Canada Calendar for anyone who is interested in browsing the complete list of courses.

What officiating workshops are being held in my area?

The Biathlon Canada Calendar provides a list of courses for anyone who is interested in browsing them. Please consult the overall Schedule of Officials Courses on the Training & Education page for a general idea of when other courses might be hosted in your region in the future.

How much does an officiating course cost?

The cost to attend a Biathlon Canada officiating course varies based on the certification level as well as who is running it. Please consult the Officials Program Fee Structure to find out more.

What is the minimum age to take an officiating course?

The minimum age to enroll in a Biathlon officiating course is 14 years old.

What type of events can I officiate at?

Certified officials can officiate at a variety of events depending on their level of certification. Events within provinces and territories where officials are required include local or club races and regional or provincial championships (consult your provincial or territorial biathlon division for more information on these opportunities). Nationally, officials serve in roles such as National Referee and Technical Delegate at Canadian Championships, Canada Winter Games and North American Cups. Internationally, an official certified with the IBU can be appointed to events such as World Championships, Olympic Winter Games, Youth Olympic Games, Arctic Winter Games and Winter Universiades.

How do I apply to officiate at biathlon events?

Check out the Officiating Assignments page on the Biathlon Canada website for a listing of available events you can apply to officiate at and details on how to apply. Calls for officials may also be sent directly by email to officials registered with Biathlon Canada. Consult your provincial or territorial biathlon Division for more information on local or provincial opportunities.

Do I have to be a member of Biathlon Canada to be an official and if so what is the cost in doing so?

Yes, an annual membership fee of $10 is charged by Biathlon Canada upon registration as an official in the Zone4 membership system. An additional provincial or territorial fee (or discount) may also be added to this fee. Consult the Zone4 membership registration system for more information on these additional costs or contact your provincial or territorial biathlon division for more details.

I am a club/division and I would like to run a course, how do I go about doing so? 

If you are a club or Division and are planning to run an Entry or Advanced level officiating course you must first notify Biathlon Canada by email, at least 2 weeks in advance. Biathlon Canada will ensure the course is added to Biathlon Canada Calendar where it can be viewed by anyone, communicate any needed updates and direction to the club or Division, ensure the course instructor is qualified to teach and the participants meet the prerequisites to attend the course, share access to all course material with the instructor, encourage clubs and Divisions to advertise the course on their own media sites when possible and provide any necessary follow-up after the course. If your Division is interested in hosting a Biathlon Canada Leader, Instructor or Technical Delegate course, consult the officials course delivery schedule on the Training & Education page for the next opportunity in your region, and contact Biathlon Canada directly to find out more.

As an instructor, how can I access the most up to date course material for a course I am running?

Biathlon Canada maintains and digitally stores up to date and standardized officials course material and exams for all levels. Access to these materials will be provided to each course instructor (and participants as required) once the officiating course has been approved by Biathlon Canada (minimum of two week in advance). An experienced officials instructor will review the material and its delivery with the course instructor, if deemed necessary by Biathlon Canada.

I am a club and would like to find local officials for my next race, where can I find a list of certified officials?

Contact Biathlon Canada or your provincial or territorial biathlon Divisionfor a list of certified officials in your area. Biathlon Canada is in the process of setting up a record management system that tracks all officials certifications. Biathlon Canada and the Divisions will use this system as the verified source for officials certification in the near future.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact Biathlon Canada or your provincial or territorial biathlon division for more information – we’d be happy to help!