Entry Level Program

Please note that the online Entry Level Program is no longer available.

Individuals who are currently doing the course have until December 15 to complete it. The Domestic Committee is reviewing and updating this course. 

This program provides an introduction to biathlon officiating (it replaces the Basic -Bronze Badge* program that had been in place for many years). This training program is offered in modular form on the internet. You may study each of the modules on your own time at your own pace. A multiple-choice test follows each module. To be licensed as a biathlon official, you must complete at least five of the eight study modules and achieve satisfactory performance during competition in each of the five areas. On successful completion of all eight modules and related competition experience, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to volunteer in any of the numerous, non-supervisory officiating positions at a biathlon competition.

*If you had previously earned an official’s Bronze Badge (Basic) or a more advanced level through the earlier program, you are still a certified official authorized to wear your badge and enroll in other advanced development programs. However, we recommend you review the new modules because they are a handy resource and an excellent refresher!

The 8 modules are:

  • Course
  • Timing
  • Results
  • Start-Finish
  • Stadium-Support
  • Equipment Check
  • Penalty Loop
  • Range

Quick Facts about the Modules

  • Each module is a stand-alone qualification for work in that particular area.
  • The modules can be studied in any order.
  • You may take as much time as desired to complete each module, but it is expected the average time needed will be about 1 1/2 hours.
  • You will need a basic home computer with an internet connection to access each module, the supplementary resource material and tests. These materials are in portable document format (PDF) so you will need to have Adobe Reader or equivalent installed on your computer (free application).
  • The Range Module is provided in both PDF and PowerPoint (PPT) format. The PPT version includes animation features that enhance the demonstration of range procedures. You will need the
  • MS PowerPoint application version 2000 newer.

Module Tests

At the completion of each module there is a multiple-choice test for you to try. This is not a formal test and it will not be marked or graded, but it will serve to let you know how well you understand the material in the module. An answer sheet is provided.

Competition Experience

After completing a module and test, you need to gain practical, competition experience in that particular area. You must serve as an official in each module study area for at least one full day of competition. For a weekend, two-day biathlon event, you may work each day in a different area to satisfy the requirements for competition experience in two modules. Your experience as an official in competition will be assessed by your Supervisor.

Program Registration, Log Book and Bronze Badge

After you successfully complete your first module and test, you need to register in the Entry Level Program with Biathlon Canada. Before your first competition, download a copy of the Registration Form and Interim Log from the Module Directory page. To register, complete the details for your first module, have your Supervisor complete the log to confirm and assess your competition experience and mail to Biathlon Canada with a registration fee of $25.00 CDN. You will then be issued a permanent, Biathlon Canada Official’s Log Book and engraved name badge. The log book is important for maintaining a record of your competition experience as you advance through the officials development program.

Each time you serve as an official, have your Supervisor complete your log to verify your competition experience and performance. When you have completed at least five of the eight modules and gained satisfactory competition experience in each of those five areas, notify Biathlon Canada by mailing or faxing a copy of your log and you will then receive the Biathlon Canada Bronze Badge.


To register in the Officials Program and be eligible for certification as a biathlon official, you must be a member of a Provincial or Territorial Division of Biathlon Canada. Click here for membership info (link to membership page) or contact your Division (link to Division contacts page)

The Biathlon Canada Officials Handbook
Entry Level officials are not required to have a copy of the IBU Rules However, it is a valuable resource for all levels of biathlon officials and as you advance in the officials development program, you will eventually require a copy. The IBU rules book includes valuable reference information for biathlon officials

Getting Started

To access the Entry Level Officials Development Program, you require a username and password issued by Biathlon Canada. Please send the following information in an email titled “Officials Password” to info@biathloncanada.ca

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City & Province
  • Postal Code
  • Email address
  • Club Name
  • Division Name

Click here to proceed to the Module Directory where you can choose a module of interest and get started learning how to officiate at a biathlon competition!