Coaching Pathways

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the Coaching Association of Canada’s flagship program. It provides standardized, inclusive, and safe sport education to coaches and coach developers across all sports. 

The Biathlon Canada coaching program consists of two streams: Community stream (Bronze-Assistant, Silver-Trainer, Gold-Leader) and Competitive stream (for coaches who wish to work with athletes who train and compete on a regular basis including the following contexts: Competition Introduction, Competition Development and High Performance). The Biathlon Canada Coaching Pathways outlines these contexts and how each aligns the coaching activities with the types of participants and the stage of their respective development.

NCCP Information

NCCP resources and information developed by the Coaching Association of Canada are available online!

Coaching Opportunities

From time to time, Biathlon Canada helps to advertise paid and volunteer positions for coaches, as well as other news and events that may be of interest to biathlon coaches.

Resources / Links

2017 Coaching Fee structures