Athlete Development Model

Sport Canada’s LTAD model , officially adopted in 2005 and developed by a group of leading sport scientists, is an inclusive concept that encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong physical activity. LTAD articulates the need for all children, particularly those that have the capacity and interest to become elite athletes, to be given a solid foundation in physical, technical, tactical and mental capacities upon which to build their performance abilities.

Biathlon Bears Program

Biathlon Bears is a comprehensive skills program for children between ages 8 and 14 that teaches the expertise required for the sport of biathlon. It is a 3-tiered program and participants are recognized as they progress through the levels.


The Canadian Cadet movement offers biathlon as part of their youth programming with the overall objective being to promote physical fitness, to act as a catalyst for a cadet fitness/sports program, to promote the safe handling of rifles and to stimulate and maintain an interest in Cadets.


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Precision Shooting Competition

Resources and other information related to Biathlon Canada’s Precision Shooting Competition