Sarah Beaudry – Athlete Bio


Name: Sarah Beaudry

Twitter: @sarah_beaudry

Instagram: @sarahbeaudry

Personal Website:


Date of Birth: 3/19/1994

Hometown: Prince George, BC

Hometown Club: Caledonia Nordic

Year you Started Competing: 2004

Favourite Biathlon Event: Single Mixed Relay


Top Three Career Finishes:

  1. 23rd Oberhof Sprint 2018
  2. 29th Olympic Individual PeyongChang 2018
  3. 3rd pursuit World Jr 2014


List your personal sponsors:

  • Starbucks and NFA

What are some of your hobbies?

  • Baking and Sewing

Favourite Movie:

  • Little Rascals

What do you do to pass the time while travelling on tour?

  • play card games with the team and the French

Favourite musician/musical group:

  • Taylor Swift

If you were not a full-time athlete, what would you be doing?

  • Running the Gong Show Bakeshop with Megan Bankes

Favourite TV Show:

  • Love Sick

Favourite pump-up song:

  • New Rules, Dua Lipa