Reminder: Rifle Import For Canadian Athletes Travelling to the US

To compete in North American Cup competitions in the USA please remember the following:

1. You must be a current member of Biathlon Canada. Bring your membership card with you.

2. You must seek permission from the US ATF for the import of your biathlon rifle. This process will take at least 60 days but once received will be good for the whole season. Applications will require a letter of invite from the host or the USBA. Roddy Ward ( )at Biathlon Canada’s National Office can help you get letters for your club athletes.

For Canadians to enter the USA with a firearm, you need to have the following permit:

“Application and Permit for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens”

Fax this form to: 1(304)616-4554 or 1(304)616-4551

After faxing the form call 1(304)616-4550 to confirm they received your form.

3. When you exit Canada stop at the Canadian Customs Office and ask for a customs form for your rifle (and maybe skis too). This will serve as proof of ownership and eliminate any suspicion that you have purchased and are importing equipment upon your return to Canada.

4. Only bring fresh, sealed, boxes of ammunition into the US.

5. Always transport your rifle safely. Keep it locked (in a secured case or with a trigger lock) and keep the ammunition in a separate locked box. Never put your rifle in a roof-mounted ski box.

6. Bring all your paperwork with you. This includes Canadian passport, US ATF rifle permit, Canadian PAL/permit, customs form, and a copy of the race invitation.

For more information on the Rifle Laws int he USA go to:

ATF FAQ on Firearms import permits