Rudi Setz Memorial Award

(see form below)
Deadline for Nominations
February 28th, 2017

The following is the nomination form for the Rudi Setz Award. Please provide a brief summary, rationalizing the nomination(s), based on the following criteria. Both the nomination form and the summary must be received in the National Office by the nomination deadline. February 28th, 2017

Send nominations via email or mail to :
Marian Harvie
Marian Harvie, Biathlon Canada #100-1995 Olympic Way, Canmore, AB T1W 2T6


Biathlon Canada Rudi Setz Memorial Award REV Nomination Form



The Ruedi Setz Memorial Award is presented annually to the individual who has made a significant contribution to Biathlon in Canada in the past year.

Previous Reudi Setz Memorial Award Winner

2014 – Donald Villeneuve, Quebec
2013 – Bryan Singleton, Alberta
2012- Carol Henley, Alberta
2011- Murray Wylie, Nova Scotia
2010 – Noel Charchuk, Alberta
2009 – Ken Davies, Alberta
2008 – Max Saenger, British Columbia
2007- Sky Pearson, Yukon Territory
2006- Stephen Hale, Nova Scotia
2005- Organizing Committee for the 2005 North American Championships (Mt. Shark, AB)
2004- Bruno St-Onge, Quebec
2003 – Rhéal Laviolette, New Brunswick
2002 – Carol Henley, Alberta
2001 – Barry Connatty, Alberta
2000 – Graham Lindsay, Ontario
1999 – Stephen Bend, Saskatchewan
1998 – Diane Levesque, Quebec
1997 – Don Rodgers, Alberta
1996 – Normand Gonthier, Quebec
1995 – Gail Niinimaa, Alberta
1994 – Rick Crossen, Alberta
1993 – Dan O’Connor, Quebec
1992 – Ray Kokkonen, Ontario
1991 – George Durham, Alberta
1990 – Art Hooper, British Columbia