Athlete and Coach of the Year Awards

(see form below)
Deadline for Nominations
March 1st, 2020

The following is the nomination form for the Athlete and Coach of the Year, female and male.

Athlete of the Year Criteria for Nomination

  • Demonstrating, by example a positive image as an athlete and being a good ambassador for the sport of Biathlon.
  • Demonstrating personal achievement and excellence.
  • Other contributions to the sport.

Coach of the Year Nomination (Female Coach of the Year and the Richard Boruta Male Coach of the Year)

  • Presenting, through example, a positive image of coaching.
  • Demonstrating concern for all-around development of the athlete and instilling guidelines reflecting responsible conduct beyond the field of play.
  • Demonstrating respect for officials, opponents and parents, and espousing a philosophy of fair play.
  • Demonstrating the ability to improve the athletic performance of a team or individual.
  • Applying relevant training theory and coaching techniques.

Please provide a brief summary, rationalizing the nomination(s), based on the following criteria.

Send nominations via email to :
Sarah Snowsell (Murphy)

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Athlete and Coach of the Year / Athlète et Entraîneur(e) de l’Année
Female Male Female Male – Richard Boruta Coach of the Year
2019-20 Emma Lunder, BC Scott Gow, BC Jessica Blenkarn, BC Petr Algra, BC
2018-19 Nadia Moser, YK Christian Gow, AB Rachel Korscil Jean-Phillip LeGuellec
2017-18 Rosanna Crawford, AB Mark Arendz, PEI Kathy Davies, AB Airat Aitnakov, AB
2016-17 Megan Bankes, AB Leo Grandbois, QC Sandrine Charron, QC Richard Boruta, AB
2015-16 Rosanna Crawford, AB Nathan Smith AB Sandrine Charron, QC Tyson Smith, AB
2014-15 Rosanna Crawford, AB Nathan Smith AB Laurie Jacobson, YK Doug Sylvester, SK
2013-14 Audrey Vaillancourt, QC Jean-Philippe Le Guellec, QC Kathy Davies AB Mike Lushington, NB
2012-13 Rosanna Crawford, AB Scott Perras, SK Judy Hale, PE Alan Ball, AB
2011-2012 Melanie Schultz, AB Brendan Green, NWT Vanessa Bonk, SK Richard Boruta, AB
2010-2011 Audrey Vaillancourt, QC Scott Gow, AB Michelle Armitage, ON John Jaques, AB
2009-2010 Rose-Marie Côté, QC Jean-Philippe Le Guellec, QC Judy Hale, PE Pierre Pepin, QC
2008-2009 Yolaine Oddou, QC Kurtis Wenzel, AB Sandrine Charron, QC David Bradley, AB
2007-2008 Rosanna Crawford, AB Marc-André Bédard, QC Judy Hartling, YT John Jaques, AB
2006-2007 Megan Tandy, BC Jaime Robb, AB Fiona Coy, BC Doug Sylvester, SK
2005-2006 Zina Kocher, AB David Leoni, AB Sandrine Charron, QC Dan Mallett, ON
2004-2005 Audrey Attali, QC Patrick Côté, QC Jacqueline Akerman, AB Matthias Ahrens, AB
2003-2004 Zina Kocher, AB Jean-Philippe LeGuellec, QC None Petr Zidek, AB
2002-2003 Sandra Keith, AB Robin Clegg, AB Amy Ford, AB Daniel Lefebvre, QC
2001-2002 Zina Kocher, AB Robin Clegg, AB Sandrine Charron, QC Geret Coyne, AB
2000-2001 Maryke Ciaramidaro, AB Robin Clegg, AB Sandrine Charron, QC Iaroslav Khomiak, MN
1999-00 Maryke Ciaramidaro AB Nelson Ayotte, QC Justine Mumford, ON Richard Boruta, AB
1998-99 Michelle Collard, BC Ivan Phillion, ON Yvonne Visser, AB Craig Ferguson, AB
1997-98 Martine Albert, QC Glenn Rupertus, AB Sheryl Hayes, AB Nelson Ayotte, QC
1996-97 Martine Albert, QC Eric Jensen, SK Sonya Strausz, MB Roger Archambault, QC
1994-95 Kristin Saugen, AB Tom Zidek, AB Robyn Williams, AB Greg Campbell, SK
1993-94 Myriam Bédard, QC Tony Fiala, BC Jan Robinson, AB Geret Coyne, AB
1992-93 Myriam Bédard, QC Glenn Rupertus, AB Sheryl Hayes, AB Roger Archambault, QC