National Development Team Selection explained

Hello Biathlon Canada Members,

We had a unique situation at the end of the season that did not allow for end of season racing, including a final Junior IBU Tour and National Championships. Therefore, many of the National Development Team spots were selected based on discretion. Please refer to the Training Team Selection Document for the criteria and YOG eligibility for each team.

Objective criteria: those athletes selected to Youth Olympic Games and Youth World Championships made objective criteria for the u20 National Development Team. All other selections for Senior Development, U24 and U20 were based on discretion. However, we used several objective race results, both domestic and international, as well as pure ski speeds, to assist with the discretionary choices.

Senior Development Team:

  • Athletes who were our best and most consistent Youth athletes (Youth trials and international racing)
  • Athletes showing ski speed in international races that are consistent with the historical ski speeds of our current and past Senior National Team athletes (<6% back).
  • One athlete was selected based on exceptional performance and ski speeds from NorAm #1 and Cross-Country World Junior Championships (top 25 result).
  • One athlete was selected based on historical performance (top 20 WYCH 2019) and recognizing significant illness impacting early season results.

U24 National Development Team:

  • Athletes who made World Junior Championships Team and were within 15% ski time of the top 3 skiers. The HPWG felt that Juniors need to not only show they can make WJCH but that their ski speeds are competitive
  • Those athletes who were able to achieve 90% or greater at Senior IBU/WC trials
  • Biathletes selected for Junior or u23 Cross Country World Championships.

U20 National Development Team:

  • Biathlon Canada reached out to representatives of each Division to ensure we had objective data to compare their athletes. These could include provincial series ranking, national championship team selection ranking & provincial level racing.
  • Biathlon Canada looked at NorAm level racing and Youth trials where athletes from different Divisions crossed over in competition, allowing for some direct comparison.
  • All racing was looked at based on overall performance and pure ski speed.

If you have any questions, please direct them to:

Roddy Ward

Director, Long Term Athlete Development