Today the IBU made an announcement regarding the 2020-2021 season. In summary, this included the following updates:

– There will be no Junior IBU Cups during the 2020-2021 season

– IBU Cup events in November and December 2020 will be cancelled and the competition series will officially begin in January 2021.

Further, the IBU is still planning to host:

– A full BMW IBU World Cup series including the World Championships Biathlon in Pokljuka (09-21 February 2021).

– IBU Youth/Junior World Championships will take place as scheduled on 24 February-7 March 2021 in Obertilliach (AUT)

– The IBU Open European Championship is planned at the original date and venue (Duszniki Zdroj/POL, 24-31 January 2021)


The IBU Calendar page has been adjusted to reflect these changes.

The IBU Executive Board will meet on 26-27 September to make a decision on whether adjustments need to be made to the planned World Cup programme in the first trimester (November-December 2020). The new competition schedule including the revised venue plan for the IBU Cup will be announced after the IBU Executive Board meeting later this month.

Biathlon Canada published its NTP, AAP, and team selection documents on September 1, 2020. The IBU’s announcement today requires Biathlon Canada to make changes to these documents. As such, Biathlon Canada will take the following actions with the goals of maximizing the safety and health of all Biathlon Canada stakeholders and ensuring we are offering the best competition and development opportunities possible both internationally and in Canada.

  1. After the IBU EB Meeting and announcement on September 26-27 we will make changes to the NTP, AAP, and Team Selection Documents  as necessary and highlight all edits made.
  2. We continue to work on and monitor the Biathlon Canada Domestic calendar for the 2020-2021 season. We have reached out to all Divisions in order to create contingency plans to be executed as restrictions are lifted/enhanced in Canada.

We will continue to make updates on our website HERE.