Biathlon Canada Registered Canadian Athletic Association Status Update

Biathlon Canada intends to apply to have its Registered Canadian Athletic Association (“RCAAA”) status reinstated.  Our registered status was revoked in October 2010 after a Canadian Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) audit found that Biathlon Canada inappropriately participated in a donation tax shelter scheme.  Biathlon Canada was not the only National Sport Organization to have its status revoked for such participation.


Biathlon Canada applied to have its RCAAA status reinstated in 2011. This application was rejected by the CRA in November 2013. The reason for this rejection was that Biathlon Canada continued to have a number of directors and senior employees who had been directors or senior employees at the time of revocation in 2010.  The Income Tax Act (the “Act”) provides that directors and senior employee of registered charities and RCAAAs which have their status revoked as a result of a serious breach of the Act may be designated by the CRA, in its discretion, as “ineligible individuals”.  If the CRA chooses to exercise its discretion, an ineligible individual cannot serve as a director, or a senior employee, of a registered charity or RCAAA for a period of 5 years.


Although more than 5 years has now elapsed from the date of revocation, the conclusion of the Board is that Biathlon Canada should take the necessary actions to minimize the risk of CRA rejection of our reapplication for registration. As such, members of the Nomination Committee and the Board, who were, or would have been ineligible individuals, have offered to step down from their positions enabling Biathlon Canada minimize the risk of our reapplication being rejected. These resignations took effect at the Biathlon Canada Special General Meeting held on 19 June, 2018.


Biathlon Canada would like to thank Murray Wylie and Paul Collard for their outstanding service to Biathlon Canada.

Lyle McLeod was elected President of Biathlon Canada and Charline Collette and Roger Archambault are the new members of the Nominating Committee.

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