Biathlon Canada Makes Decision to End 2021 IBU Cup Tour

After weighing the risks associated with potential new travel restrictions forthcoming from the Federal government, the Biathlon Canada Board of Directors made the extremely difficult decision to shorten the IBU Cup tour by four days.

The IBU Cup team has been in Europe competing on the IBU Cup tour since January 7 and were set to return to Canada on February 1st at the end of the Open European Championships (OECH).

With the Canadian government’s repeated signalling that additional travel restrictions will be implemented shortly, Biathlon Canada has made the difficult decision to bring the team back to Canada early. The Board evaluated many scenarios, some of which resulted in the real possibility that the organization would be exposed to financial costs that could be crippling. It was determined that this potential financial risk was too large.

Biathlon Canada would like to thank the International Biathlon Union (IBU) for their excellent leadership in hosting safe and professional events. We would also like to thank our IBU Cup team for their continued professionalism and commitment during a very difficult season.