Biathlon Canada Gender Equity Research Project



Gender Equity Research Project

Dear Biathlon Canada Divisions, Clubs and Registered Participants,



Biathlon Canada believes in equity amongst all individuals involved in the sport and community. Gender equity is one aspect that we strongly support and believe in.

As such, Biathlon Canada has engaged the Centre for Sport Capacity at Brock University to conduct a gender audit of the organization. A gender audit is a tool that is used to examine how gender is taken into consideration (or not) in all aspects of an organization, including its membership, programs, policies, and budgets.

Michele Donnelly, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sport Management and  researcher associated with the Centre for Sport Capacity, has been contracted to conduct this gender audit. Over the next several months, she will review our existing policies and data, and may also reach out to you to invite you to participate in this study. Participation may involve the completion of a survey, and interview, or your participation in a focus group. Your participation is entirely voluntary and will be explained in greater detail in future communications.



Biathlon Canada recognizes that achieving gender equity within our organization and our sport is crucial to our future. Examining our current practices as they relate to gender equity is an important first step in doing this. Through the examination of everything from participant registrations to race invitations to our own governance structures, a gender audit will allow us to complete this organization-wide examination.

Biathlon Canada’s commitment aligns with the Canadian government’s commitment to achieving gender equity in sport by 2035. Currently Sport Canada is providing financial support to projects that support gender equity, and we are thankful to Sport Canada for their generous support of our project.

We will use the information collected by the gender audit to guide the development of stronger policies, programs and ways of conducting business, and to achieve gender equity at Biathlon Canada.



The results of this research study will be presented to the membership of Biathlon Canada and may be presented at research conferences and published in sport and gender related publications by Dr. Michele Donnelly. Identifiable information about individual members, collected through registration, will not be shared. If you choose to participate in interviews or focus groups, you will be asked for your consent at that time.



If you have any further questions about the study or your participation in it, please contact Jacqueline Akerman, Athlete and Coach Development Manager at or 613-809-1456.