Biathlon Canada Annual Award Winners 2015

June Hooper Memorial Award: Gaetan Brosseau, QC
Ruedi Setz Memorial Award: Pierre Beaudry, BC
Myriam Bédard Award: Normand Gonthier, QC
Female Coach of the Year: Laurie Jacobsen, YK
Male Coach of the Year: Doug Sylvester, SK
Male Athlete of the Year: Nathan Smith, AB
Female Athlete of the Year: Rosanna Crawford, AB


It is due to his tireless work and dedication over the last several years that has allowed for the rebuilding of a very successful biathlon program in Chelsea QC. He has been instrumental in the re certification and improvement of the range at Camp Fortune.  Gaetan has been a huge factor and builder of the sport of biathlon in the National Capital Region, he will be greatly missed by all who have had the pleasure to know him over his time in the sport of biathlon.

Ruedi Seitz Award: Pierre Beaudry, BC

There is no doubt that the huge success of the Biathlon event at the 2015 Canada Games was in no small part due to Pierre Beaudry. It is due to his tireless effort working on the Canada games over that last 4 years that the Biathlon events were a huge success, and Prince George will have a great legacy for the future.

Myriam Bedard Award: Normand Gonthier, QC

For numerous years he has been responsible for the coordination and conduct of the biathlon portion of the Cadet Program for the Province of Quebec. He has been and still is apart of  all domestic activities that are taking place under the Quebec Biathlon Federation, including officials classes. He has been involved in most biathlon events conducted in our Division this season, including the Winter World Masters Games 2015. By his rigor and generosity, Normand has been a key asset to the success of our activities.

Female Coach of the Year: Laurie Jacobsen, YK

She took over the coaching of the provincial team along with fellow coach Dennis Peters, with little remnants of a team and together they have progressed the program beyond its limits. Laurie  has all the attributes that provide a positive image of a coach. She is quiet, unassuming and holds a steady demeanor, no mean task for a coach of this particular age group.

The Biathlon Yukon Program has grown due to the contributions of Laurie and we feel she epitomizes the role of a coach.

Coach of the Year – Male: Doug Sylvester, SK

Doug Sylvester has been involved in biathlon for at least 25 years as an athlete, coach and mentor to many.  Biathlon in Saskatchewan has had its ups and downs like many sports however since Doug has become the fulltime head coach, the sport has flourished.  Doug has worked tirelessly to bring new athletes into the sport and encourage their growth and development, not just in the sport but as productive citizens in our communities and country. On more than a few occasions I have heard Doug say “we are not just building athletes, we are building good men and women as productive citizens”.

Athlete of the Year- Male: Nathan Smith, AB

Nathan’s quick shooting and precise aim sets him up as Canada’s top male athlete on the World Cup. Nathan shows youth in this sport that goal setting and perseverance are the key by setting and breaking his goals in 2014, Nathan is the first Canadian Male to medal at the world championships with his 2nd place this past weekend in the Sprint

Athlete of the Year – Female: Rosanna Crawford, AB

Rosanna has demonstrated a positive image of Biathlon both locally and nationally by maintaining a social media presence throughout her career but especially in this Olympic year of 2014. She was an outstanding ambassador for the sport of Biathlon. Rosanna achieved career – best performances in 2015, she was able to engage others and let her love of Canmore, Alberta, Canada and Sport shine through her both performances at home and abroad. She is a strong team player encouraging and celebrating everyone’s accomplishments equally and openly.