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Chelsea Nordiq is proud to announce a new program for athletes 18 and older.

The Capital Development Team (CDT) is an all season program for both Cross Country Skiers and Biathletes that are in the Learn to Compete and Train to Compete stage of development. The objective of CDT is to offer training and racing opportunities to Junior and Senior men/women athletes and students who are looking at goals in the high performance arena of cross country skiing and biathlon. Athletes who are accepted in this program must be highly driven and committed to achieving their personal excellence. For more information follow the link to our website.

2017 Biathlon Canada Precision Shooting Contest – Now Open

The Biathlon Canada Precision Shooting Competition is Back!
The Precision Shooting Competition is open to all participants who have registered with Biathlon Canada for the 2017-18 year.

Coaching Opportunity

Highlands Trailblazers are looking for a Junior Competitive Lead Coach for the 2017/18 season.
See attachment for details.

Employment Opportunity – High-Performance Director

Biathlon Canada is seeking to fill the position of High-Performance Director ...

Coaching Opportunity – Foothills Nordic

Foothills Nordic is seeking a biathlon coach ...

2017-18 Athlete Assistance Program – Provisional Carding List

Provisional list of athletes nominated for Athlete Assistance Program carding support ....

North American Cup Final Standings

Congratulations to all participants!
Overall results now posted.

Caledonia Ski Club seeking Biathlon Coach – Prince George, BC

Caledonia Ski Club is looking for a Biathlon Coach. Please see job description for details and contact information.

WADA launches “Speak Up!” – A secure digital platform to report doping violations

The Agency encourages informants and
whistleblowers to Speak Up!

Biathlon Masters International Championships – Kontiolahti, Finland March 16-19, 2017

GOOD LUCK to all the Canadian Masters Athletes!
Biathlon Masters International Championships is a series of competitions for biathletes above 35 years old. The event takes place in Kontiolahti, Finland each year.
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