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The Shooting Cookbook: For Coaches, by Coaches
The Shooting Cookbook is designed for coaches who need to learn the how-to of coaching shooting. It contains over a hundred practical and specific drills that show you exactly how to train someone to become a better shooter. The drills, based on many years of practical coaching experience, progress from beginning shooters through to expert. A complimentary progression for developing coach skills is delivered at the same time. The drills also progress from the fundamentals of shooting, through to drills for specific shooting sports, such as Olympic Rifle and Biathlon.
The shooting behavior developed by the drills is based on technical models of shooting developed elsewhere, especially as described in The Ways of the Rifle, and in the training books of Heinz Reinkemeier.
Each drill follows this format: Purpose, Precursor Drills (as appropriate), Aiming Point(s), Ammunition, Script, Analysis and Variations. The Script is a unique feature of the Shooting Cookbook. If you read the script out loud to your shooters, you will tell them exactly what to do to complete the drill. It gives you a clear starting point from which to understand the mechanics of the drill. Modify it to develop your own coaching style. The Analysis and Variations sections provide insight into the possible outcomes of the drill and variations that will develop the skill further.
Tried and tested at all levels, from club shooters through to high performance athletes, the Shooting Cookbook is the practical way to learn how to coach shooting.

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