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Actively Engaging Women and Girls

This new CS4L supplement examines psycho-social factors that influence female athlete development, leadership and lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. It is filled with evidence-based findings, real-life insights and recommendations for anyone working with women and girls in sport.

Sport for Life

Did you know...
Children should not go longer than 60 minutes without physical activity unless they are asleep.

Winter Sports

Did you know... The risk of frostbite increases rapidly when wind chill values go below -27.


Overtraining, unexplained underperformance, overreaching, burnout, chronic fatigue are just a few of the terms used interchangeably and can lead to confusion as to what overtraining actually is.

Sport Accessories and Safety

More than 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented with the use of appropriate protective eyewear.

Sleep Did you know…

Athletes who get an extra amount of sleep are more likely to improve their performance in a game.

AthletesCAN launches new promotional videos

AthletesCAN is proud to launch two new promotional videos featuring some of Canada's top high performance athletes.

WADA information

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